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Hello! My name is Ivan.

I manage holiday houses and run this website. I am the person who will take care of you while staying at one of our villas.

My goal is to provide a 5-star experience stay for all my guests, and for now, as you can see in the reviews, it’s going great.

I’ve been working in hospitality for 8 years, I love my job and look forward to meeting new people from all around the world.

If you have any questions regarding our listings, feel free to send me a message, I will be happy to help.

We would be happy to have you as our guests and looking forward to meeting you :)

Ivan Fabris

Our journey with villas

The first villa in our offer was Villa Coridigo which was completed in the summer of 2015. Since then we have learned a lot about the vacation rental and hospitality industry from managing, bookings, to guest satisfaction, etc. 

After the first few years of initial learning, it was time to add another villa to the offer. It was 2018. when the first guests came to Villa Martin. Applying knowledge and experience from the first villa, it was a lot easier to start with Villa Martin. 

Then again, a few years later, Villa Aria joined which was opened in the summer of 2022. Our last member is currently Villa Simone which was completed in the middle of the summer of 2023. We aspire to add more villas in the future to expand the offer and give more choices to guests and visitors.

Our core values

Guest Satisfaction 

Our first and most important value is guest satisfaction. We understand the effort it takes to plan a holiday and organize everything. The last thing we want is for our guests to be unhappy with the service. That is why we try our best to present the houses and terms in advance so that there are little to no negative surprises on site. It is important for us that guests know exactly what kind of accommodation they are booking so that they can enjoy it without any worry. We also try to use technology solutions where we find them applicable so that it saves time and avoids unnecessary questions. In case of some minor problems, we always try to fix them as fast as possible.


Honesty and Transparency 

Confusion and unexpected occurrences can always happen. That is why we try our best to present all potential guests with accurate and transparent information about the accommodation, location, and terms of booking. We have a lot of photos of every property along with detailed descriptions, and in some cases even floor plans are available. All important terms of booking and house rules are stated beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding.

Constant Improvement 

We believe in lifetime learning and improvement. Habits and expectations change every day and we have to change with them. Adapting to the newest trends and improving details in our service is what makes us better every year. That can be more efficient communication, better check-in experience, more quality tips, or some other aspect of our service. A big part of our growth is customer feedback and reviews which we try to implement the best we can.

Added Value 

Other than accommodation itself, we like to offer our guests something extra. That can be a local guidebook with the most important places like restaurants, stores, beaches, etc. It can be a list of events happening nearby, or even unique local recommendations not so mainstream or known. Sometimes we even have discount coupons for some local services or products. We also often arrange activities like horse riding or table reservations.